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The NFL’s investigation into domestic violence allegations made against Ezekiel Elliott is ongoing despite authorities in Columbus, Ohio, declining to press charges.

Elliott’s ex-girlfriend claimed that the football star assaulted her, and she posted pictures online,  claiming that they came from Elliott. Authorities in Columbus declined to press charges due to “conflicting statements.” There have also been reports that Elliott says he has evidence to show the claim had been fabricated.

According to CBS Sports, the NFL has made it clear that players can still be suspended even if authorities decline to act.  If the NFL finds Elliott has violated its domestic violence policy, he could be subject to a minimum six-game ban.

The league is already reeling from several high profile domestic violence cases. The most famous may be that of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was caught on a surveillance camera punching and knocking out his then fiance (and now wife) in an elevator in February, 2014. After the tape became public in September, the Ravens released Rice, the NFL suspended him, and the former All-Pro hasn’t played in the NFL since.

The latest incident involves former New York Giants kicker Josh Brown, who was suspended one game for “mitigating circumstances.” The Giants released Brown last week and then apologized for keeping him on the team following damaging revelations about an earlier domestic abuse case involving his former wife. His wife, according to reports, said Brown has been physically violent towards her in the past; Brown, in a statement, said, “I never struck my wife.”

Additionally, the New York Times reports that Brown’s former wife handed over a trove of documents to authorities that detail the abuse. Those documents contain writings from Brown, including this, as reported by the Times: “I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave.”

The NFL is investigating the Brown and Elliott cases.