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Ah, the British—known for their categorically bad teeth, their former empire, and, of course, their subpar cuisine. I mean, it’s not like British food is bad per se. More like it’s bland and a lot of it seems based on some sort of gruel with a relatively flavorless meat component (have you ever had bangers and mash?).

The reason for this cursory analysis of British comestibles is that it might serve to explain the video below, in which famed Brit comedian, actor and TV personality Ricky Gervais just about shits himself when confronted with the task of downing a couple chicken wings coated with hot sauce.

Just look at this shameful performance:

Now, the point of the whole diatribe about British food is that it’s bland. It’s, like, really, incredibly bland. Like, it wouldn’t register as any sort of spicy unless, maybe, you were eating it in the middle of a house fire—in which case, you’d have bigger problems than tasteless food. And when you grow up your whole life eating such dull cuisine, your palate’s most definitely not ready for anything relatively extreme, let alone a hot sauce challenge from First We Feast.

So this probably explains why Gervais acts like an itty bitty man-baby the whole time he’s making his weak attempt at ingesting these hot wings. I mean, the guy takes a dozen minutes to, hmm, let’s see: “deftly defend atheism, break down giant birdeater tarantula facts, and discuss the surprising effects of deep baths on middle-aged testicles” before he even gets to the good stuff. This is sad. Hilarious, yes, but awfully sad.

(h/t First We Feast)