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Some hot babes are just made for platforms like Instagram, where endless streams of photos can be uploaded by them and admired by us all day long.

Sultry Mexican internet sensation Samantha Rodriguez is one of them. Rodriguez has an unlimited supply of sexy on her Instagram account, and each photo is hotter than next. A long time bikini model before making waves this year with her appearance in Playboy Mexico as the publication’s IBMS (International Bikini Model Search) Latin America Spokesman, Rodriguez said in a recent interview that it’s every girl’s dream to be in Playboy.

Rodriguez also hinted that when she finally does decide to bear it all, it’ll be for the pages of Playboy Mexico. We’re already in line for that one. In the meantime, these Instagram pics should be more than enough to satisfy your appetite, but we’ve also included a video of Rodriguez in that IBMS Playboy Mexico shoot, just in case.

Buenos días!!!!

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