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In an dog-eat-dog industry like the UFC, you’d imagine everyone would be eager to see the next man or woman lose. But, apparently that’s not always the case. According to Fox Sports, Conor McGregor admitted to not celebrating the downfall of fellow superstar Ronda Rousey and not have much respect for those who do.

“When Ronda lost, I wake up to all these messages “now lets see what they do” and I’m like what? I love Ronda. I was always a big supporter of Ronda,” McGregor said. “When she loses that second one and people are trying to make me celebrate “now there’s not nobody”.

“That’s the wrong mindset,” said McGregor. “I don’t celebrate another person’s defeat like that.

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The subject also came up about Ronda skipping out on all pre-fight festivities, with the exception of weigh-ins. This was an issue because McGregor himself missed one pre-fight obligation and was pulled from the UFC 200 card.

“So I heard that she requested for no media, they gave her no media and I was happy for her because that’s what she asked for and then I also didn’t give a (expletive),” said McGregor.

“What someone else does or doesn’t do, has no effect on me and what I do. I do what I do, she’s doing what she’s doing, everybody else is doing what they’re doing. It is what it is,” McGregor said. “She didn’t have to do the media and got away with that. That’s great. I probably would liked it if they did that for me.”

It’s quite possible, we’ve seen the end of Ronda Rousey, but the end doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight for McGregor.