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The story of 23-year-old Danielle Jones is a cautionary tale for anyone looking to find a new roommate because the man she found on Craigslist almost killed her — on her birthday, of all days.

Byron Mitchell, 36, has been charged with attempted felony first degree murder in the case. The suspect has been accused of beating Jones so violently that she was in a coma for 24 days and doesn’t remember what happened.

Mitchell — who claims he acted in self defense after Jones attacked him with a knife — remains in jail in Miami, Florida, and is scheduled to go to trial in January.

Jones’ mother, Aimee Nikolov, still can’t believe this has happened.

Ata the time of the crime, Jones mother told NBC News: “I’m still in shock, I can’t comprehend that someone can do this to someone, mutilate them in such a way and try to kill them. My daughter’s face is cut up like he was going to take her face off. She has a brain injury and no one knows what the prognosis is.”

“She has scars everywhere, around her eyes, lips. She has slashes all down her head,” Jones’ cousin Kaitlin Cabot added.




After her previous roommate left, Jones placed on ad on Craigslist because she needed help paying the rent, according to the Miami Herald. Police say Jones was hit, stabbed and choked to the point of nearly dying.

According to various media reports, she’s making a slow recovery from her injuries.

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