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Kirsten Joy Weiss is a sharpshooter of the highest caliber that would even have Annie Oakley herself quaking in her boots.

Having attended attended the University of Nebraska on a collegiate rifle scholarship, Weiss is a national champion shooter and even competed at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials, where she placed 8th.

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Her list of accomplishments is long and distinguished, but what she does in this YouTube video is just flat-out amazing.

After only two days of shooting a plate-rack set of targets, she had the ingenious idea of trying to complete the daunting task blindfolded.

After a few practice attempts, she was able to hit six consecutive shots and clear the entire rack. That’s six plates on six shots.

While a good-looking woman that knows how to shoot might sound like a dream come true, remember one thing: don’t do anything to piss her off.