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With only a few more days until we ring in the new year, 2016 sucker punched us with yet another tragic celebrity death as Carrie Fisher passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 60 following a December 23rd heart attack.

Fisher may have reached worldwide renown for her role as Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” movies, but we’ll never forget one of her most explosive cinematic moments as the crazed ex-girlfriend of John Belushi’s Jake Blues in the classic comedy “Blues Brothers.”

In only several minutes of screen time, Fisher, credited in the film as simply Mystery Woman, goes from a trigger-happy psychotic to a forgiving lover and then back to a loose cannon psycho when she shows up later in the film with a rocket launcher, a flame thrower and some serious explosives. She never had that kind of firepower even in “Star Wars.”

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Seeing Belushi and Fisher act alongside each other, even for just a moment, is certainly bittersweet as both entertainment icons are no longer with us. But at least we have awesome on-screen moments like this to remember them by.

RIP, Carrie.

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