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While this Instagram star has been dubbed the next Kate Upton (it’s easy to draw the comparison), she’s letting it be known that she has higher aspirations.

Antje Utgaard is flattered by the comparisons between Upton and herself, but says that while she enjoys being compared to the Sports Illustrated model, she has different career goals.

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The 22-year-old moved from her small hometown of Star Prarie, Wisconsin to Los Angeles in an effort to better her chances at making it in Hollywood. In an interview with, she said she’d like to be known for more than just her looks, then she had this to say:

“While I want to keep that title (Next, Next Kate Upton), I also want to become something more like Sophia Vergara, to be the hot, funny girl,” she said.

“Or even like Cameron Diaz or someone with sex appeal,” said Utgaard.

She has also set a short term goal of eclipsing one million followers on Instagram. From what we’ve seen thus far, we’d say her odds are pretty good.