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Silly Putty has been around since World War II and has been a favorite of children since it hit the market in the late 1940s. It was originally made by accident, while the inventor was trying to make substitutions for rubber. But as a result of this mistake, one of the coolest toys of all-time was created, with annual sales estimated at six million eggs per year.

This, however, might be the coolest use of the substance we’ve ever seen. The guys over at YouTube channel TAOFLEDERMAUS packed some silly putty into glass tubes then loaded the tubes into a Mossberg shotgun, and the results were incredible.

If you know anything about silly putty, then you know it can be bouncy and moldable, but that it’s also prone to hardening and breaking with a sharp blow. So, when it was first fired out of the gun, the putty hit the target and almost the entire piece of putty stayed in tact in the shape it was molded into for the glass tubes.

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It just goes to show you the magic of this child’s toy, that even big kids can have fun with it too.