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You’ve probably never thought to yourself, “you know what? I could really chow down on a 24-karat gold pizza right now.” But this is America and in America, we get things that we don’t ask for all the time.

Enter Industry Kitchen in New York City, which somehow felt compelled to actually sprinkle 24-karat gold onto a pie like it was no big deal.

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Instead of regular dough, the Industry Kitchen pizza makers start out with black squid ink dough (what?), top that with white stilton cheese (which is apparently pretty fancy cheese) and bake at 585 degrees in a wood oven. Once the pie is all baked, they add shaved French truffles, foie gras, strips and flakes of 24-karat gold, Osetra caviar and garnish with rose petals.

How much does this all cost, you ask? Oh, just a small fee of $2,000. That’s 400 Hot-n-Ready pizzas from Little Caesars for those of you keeping track at home. Yeah, we think we’ll just stick with plain ol’ regular pizza, thanks.

(h/t Thrillist)

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