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At least three officers were shot dead Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, LA., and several others wounded, for reasons that no one knows or can fathom.

CNN reported that  seven officers, in total, were shot, and some of them are in critical condition. The numbers of dead and injured vary depending on the media source — some say two have died, for example —  and in any rapidly developing situation, circumstances can change. But there is one indisputable fact — police have been killed and injured.

Another media outlet reported that there’s a manhunt underway for a heavily armed shooter, and CNN reported the suspect may have been armed with an “assault rifle.”

CNN noted that Louisiana authorities have not confirmed their report, and said more officers were headed to the scene.

There is no word, at this point, on motive or whether the shooter has been apprehended. Just last week, the FBI issued a warning to Louisiana law officers:

This is the second large-scale attack on police in the last 10 days. Five Dallas police officers were killed by a lone gunman during a protest in that city.