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If you were a child born in the 1980s, or really anyone who enjoys good movies, then odds are you’ve seen “Home Alone.” But, even as a young child, it was rather difficult to believe, that, despite all of the brutal attacks launched by young Kevin McCallister, neither Harry nor Marv leaked a single drop of blood…that is until now.

YouTube user BitMassive decided to turn things up a notch and make them a bit more believable. With some pretty incredible special effects work, he added some blood and even left Marv’s face in some pretty rough shape for “Home Alone: With Blood 1 & 2.”

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Not only did he recreate the stairway to the basement scene, he took it a step further. For good measure, he totally bloodied up the kitchen scene, when Kevin is hanging from the hook on the door. Yeah, the one where scary old Mr. Marley comes from next door with his shovel and flattens the faces of The Sticky Bandits.

It would be really intriguing to see if we could get a full version, one with the added effects of course.

Only time will tell, but until then, enjoy.