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“Great beer does not necessarily have to contain alcohol.”

This is an actual quote from Dougal Gunn Sharp, the founder and master brewer at Innis & Gunn, which is in the process of making a zero-percent alcohol pale ale that is being called “the first detoxing beer to hit the market.”

Sure, Mr. Sharp, who is 100% wrong about the “great beer” thing by the way, may be capitalizing on some folks’ alcohol-free new year’s resolutions, but to think that this is something that will actually take off? Come on, man.

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But just what are they putting in this “detoxing beer?” According to the Sun, it’s got vitamin C and ginseng for immune system boosting as well as Guarana, which is supposed to make you lose weight or something.

“We approached brewing Innis & None, as we do with any of our beers, using quality ingredients to produce a bold flavorsome taste,” Sharp said.

“Taking the alcohol content down to zero is part of our belief that beer is for everyone, even those who don’t or can’t consume alcohol. I believe this pale ale stands up to the best of them. With the added Vitamin C and ginseng, you’re now also getting a boost to the immune system for the New Year.”

Ok, so given the crazier fads that people have adopted over the years, maybe this will be a thing that people actually buy for maybe a month or two. But count us out. We’ll take our six packs of pure, American, alcoholic beer and be on our way, the way our Founding Fathers intended.

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