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You wouldn’t want a place that serves food to expect you to eat crap, but in a sense that’s exactly what this Orange County donut shop is asking their customers to do…and they love it.

With the emoji craze well upon us, The Doughnut Parlor in Rancho Santa Margarits, California is serving their customers one of the most popular emojis around, in the form of a donut. Yes, it’s the poop emoji.

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Donuts are one of the most iconic foods of all-time, so it’s only fitting to combine them with one of the most iconic emojis. The novelty donut is a chocolate cake, covered in a dark chocolate icing, with a spiral of chocolate buttercream to serve as the poop. And what would it be without the eyes? Those are edible too, by the way, made from candy.

We’re still trying to grasp the concept of eating a poop donut, but, then again, how could we turn down a chocolate donut, with chocolate icing, and chocolate buttercream?