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A vigilante superhero has taken to defending his hometown and fighting crime to make it a better place. Haven’t we heard this before?

When we first learned there was a guy in Norfolk, Virginia, breaking up bar fights, preventing assaults on women and stopping car jackings in dormant areas, the movie Kick-Ass immediately came to mind. According to WTKR 3, the guy is calling himself the Black Widow and is a self-proclaimed black belt martial artist.

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In an all too crazy world, real-life vigilante superheros are becoming a more regular thing. Black Widow, also known by his alias Matsuda Yuuma, took on his superhero form after he was bitten by a spider two years ago. Yeah, we know it sounds awfully familiar as well. Spider-Man, we mean Black Widow, says he’s just a regular guy doing things to help his community.

“I’m here to provide and help out my community however possible,” he told WTKR reporter Brian Hill. “Help out the homeless, make sure nobody is doing nothing wrong. For the most part, teaching others to be free and be themselves.”

When he’s not out fighting crime, he works as a DJ and as a cook. So, if you’re in the Norfolk area, you’d better mind your p’s and q’s.