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It’s normal for couples to have disagreements with each another, Hey, we’re only human. But, more often than not, the contentious situation gets revolved and people move on with their lives.

A man in Japan might take the cake as the most stubborn husband of all time. According to The Straits Times, Otou Katayama went 20 years without speaking to his wife, Yumi, only communicating with grunts and nods in response to her.

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Apparently, Otou was jealous of the affection Yumi showed to their children. What’s pretty confusing is the youngest of their children is only 18 years old, so if our math is correct, and it is, he was conceived after the feud began.

The 18-year-old son contacted a Japanese TV show to seek help to remedy the situation, saying he had never heard his parents speak to each other. Fortunately for him, they still managed to get him here, without speaking to each other.