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If you’re a little behind on your Keanu Reeves news (which, let’s be honest, most people have been since the first “Matrix” movie came out), you might not know that the shoot-em-up flick “John Wick: Chapter 2,” which stars Reeves as a former hit man who kicks a bunch of ass for a second time, is set for a February 17th release.

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As if the movie trailer alone weren’t enough to get you interested, some genius marketer made a GQ-inspired assassin website called “Continental Quarterly,” referencing the Continental hotel which is featured in the first movie.





The site promises “timeless style for the modern assassin,” and while all they have right now is a cover page and a letter from the editor, more in-depth articles are promised to come out this month.

We can’t wait to see what they churn out.

(h/t Daily Dot)

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