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With the the voting now open to select this year’s Sports Illustrate Swimsuit Issue’s “Rookie of the Year,” they’ve rounded out this week’s Rookie Reveal Week with the winner of last year’s 2016 SI Swimsuit Model Search contest. Mia Kang is the perfect way to round out what has been a pretty amazing week, thanks to the folks over at SI.

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This week has already seen a pretty amazing selection of newcomers for the upcoming issue, and the release of Kang’s video just adds to the allure of this year’s class.

The swimsuit model grew up in Hong Kong, but her parents are of South Korean and British descent, which makes for quite the combination.

And according to SI, she’s a Pokemon fanatic, a fighter and a pretty epic wake surfer. From the sound of things, she could quite possibly be the coolest chick ever.

Fire in @frankieswimwear 🔥

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@cromet swimwear by @tadavarich

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I saw this image and I was brought to tears. This represents everything I've overcome and worked for in my life. From an obese and bullied kid, to a depressed and anorexic model. I have been through battles that have made me who I am today, and today I love myself. You don't know how hard it is to bare your entire body for the world to judge, but I am not afraid and you shouldn't be either. I want to break boundaries in this industry so our daughters can be rid of their insecurities and can have positive role models. What better platform, brand and establishment than @si_swimsuit. Thank you @mj_day for having me on board as a 2017 rookie. Thank you to everyone who voted for me last year, I promise I won't let you down. Xxx Photo by the unbelievable @ruvenafanador

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Last few days in paradise 💙bikini by @frankieswimwear

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Jungle queen 👑 @worldswimsuit by @gavinbondphotography

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