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Imagine you’ve had too much to drink and you’ve been playing with a sex toy. Now imagine that you can’t seem to find it anywhere, when suddenly you feel vibration within you torso.

That’s exactly what happened to 24-year-old student teacher Emma Phillips.

“Initially thinking Lee had hidden the vibrator under a pillow as a prank, it was only when the mum-of-one pressed down on her stomach and felt a buzzing that she realised it had vanished up her back passage,” The Sun reports.

She is speaking out about her incident in hopes to erase the same of her situation.

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“When I leaned on my stomach I could feel it vibrating – it was stuck low down and at one point was even wedged behind my hip,” she said in an interview.

Once she realized what had happened, she and her boyfriend tried to remove it themselves before realizing they were going to need to go to the hospital.

“He tried BBQ prongs too but after a certain point – after an hour of trying – we knew were going to have to go to hospital. We were both a bit shocked.”

“We’d both been drinking the night before so we couldn’t drive. I had to make the most embarrassing call to the ambulance at 7am.

“The call handler said ‘tell me exactly what the problem is’ so I had to tell him.”

Once at the hospital, doctors evaluated how to proceed. An x-ray showed the toy too far up to remove while she was awake. She was warned she may have to have a colostomy bag for six months.

“I think before that I thought of it as just a little operation to get it out, I still wasn’t taking it that seriously.

“When he said that – that only when I woke up would I know whether they would have to cut me open – it was really scary.”

The surgery to get it out took a minute and a half and she was discharged around 6:30 p.m.

Doctors offered the toy as a keep sake, but she declined.

“There is a big taboo about this, but it really isn’t a big deal. You hear about people becoming really ill or even dying because they’re too embarrassed to get help – I would hate that to happen to someone,” she said, hoping others will seek help in these types of situations.

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