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When it comes to bizarre concoctions to market to the sandwich-hungry world, Subway can say it’s good for that. In the past, they’ve offered the shrimp melt sub in Japan and the corn and peas sandwich in India. But, now they’re messing around in our backyard. They’ve gone and combined two of our favorite things, pulled pork and chili cheese Fritos, and we’re a little uncertain about this pairing.

The sandwich giant, which was known at some time or another for making sandwiches that were good for you, have put the two foods together and it’s left some in doubt and others intrigued.

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Subway offers more locations in the world than any other chain, with nearly 45,000 locations. That’s almost 9,000 more locations than even McDonald’s can offer, but if you’re looking to try the new Pulled Pork Crunch, you’d better hope you live in the midwest.

The sandwich is currently being offered in test markets in states such as Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. If you don’t want to wait and see if it will be offered nationwide, then you should hurry up and book a flight…before it’s gone.