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Okay, I know you’re not supposed to suddenly put your car or truck into reverse—especially while cruising along at 40 miles per hour—but you can’t possibly think anything especially catastrophic will happen if you did do that, right?

See? It’s totally okay. I mean, no, you probably shouldn’t throw your vehicle into reverse while doing 40. But, much like this Ford Ranger, your car or truck won’t explode if you do—which makes this writer’s reaction seem all the more off-base. Per Jalopnik‘s Truck Yeah blog (which I’m guessing is devoted entirely to… um, I don’t know, trucks?):

Holy shit, it didn’t blow up! I’ll admit, I’d always sort of figured if you jammed your transmission into reverse at 40 mph or so you’d hear some horrible noises, and then there’d be some kind of dramatic lurch and clunk, and then your transmission would be a jangly mass of gear slices inside the bell housing.

I was wrong. Well, at least in the case of this Ranger and what I think is its Ford C3 transmission. Though, as some commenters are pointing out, there are hints that this could be the Mazda-sourced M5OD five-speed gearbox, too.

Now, I don’t know just what the hell an M5OD five-speed gearbox is, but how in the world could your first thought on seeing that Ford Ranger shift into reverse—or on imagining a similar scenario—be, like, “That truck is totally gonna blow up.”?

I do know that with all of today’s newfangled technology, you can totally pull the kind of bullshit move where you jam a car into reverse while you’re cruising around at 40 miles per and still be alright. Sure, might screw your car up pretty badly, but you certainly won’t blow up.

(h/t Jalopnik)