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If you’ve seen “Suicide Squad,” then you no doubted gawked at Margot Robbie as the incredibly sexy Harley Quinn. And if you know anything about Hollywood, then you know stunt doubles are used for most of the big action scenes, and as amazing as Margot Robbie looks, her stunt double is even hotter.

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If you’ve never heard of Sarah Scotford before now, she’ll be pretty hard to forget once you feast your eyes on her Instagram pics.

The Canadian fitness model isn’t new to the Hollywood scene. She starred in a few minor productions that never garnered much attention. She then found herself standing in and doubling for actresses, which led her to her current gig as a stunt double. She can currently be seen in the new “xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” doubling for Australian actress Toni Colette.

Thankfully, she’s found her calling. Now, let’s hope we see much more of her in the near future.

Sand, sun and surf here I come! #LAX #hollywood photo by @paulbuceta

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Pulling myself together after the weekend 🤘🏻photo By @studiov14

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