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Vin Diesel is back to star in the third installment of the xXx franchise, which is the first movie in the series since 2005. Diesel will be back in his starring role as Xander Cage in the new action-packed flick Return of Xander Cage.

In this go-around, Cage is an extreme athlete turned government operative on a mission to retrieve a weapon referred to as “Pandora’s Box.”

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Hopefully this film fares as well as the first installment, xXx. Not too shabby, considering it raked in more than $277 million dollars with a budget of $71 million. The follow-up State of the Union ended up being a box office disaster, bringing in $71 million on an $87 million budget. We’re not math wizards over here, but that doesn’t sound like it equaled out.

Judging from this scene from the movie of him skiing through the jungle, this looks like one of the Vin Diesel type of flicks we’re used to. Who knows, maybe an almost 12 year hiatus is what the franchise needed to make a resurgence.