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Joe Giudice has made some powerful prison friends in his time behind bars.

Giudice has been serving his time at Fort Dix for nearly three months and according to RadarOnline, he is being protected by “mob-related inmates.”

“Joe is being taken care of by these men,” a source close to the prison revealed to Radar. “He’s protected.”

PEOPLE reports that his wife, Teresa has been forced to cut down on her visits to the prison.

“She’s been going up every other weekend, with whichever of the girls don’t have activities,” her lawyer, James Leonard explained.

There’s also apparently a point system that the Giudices must abide by when it comes to visits.

“Where he is, you get a certain number of points every month and each visit counts as a point. Weekend visits are considered more points,” Leonard said. “So because he also has his mother and sister coming to visit, and Teresa can’t go during the week because the girls are in school, they’re having to do it every other weekend.”

When Teresa served her time for fraud in 2015, Joe brought their daughters – Gia, 15, Gabriella, 12, Milania, 10, and Audriana, 6 – whenever the girls had some free time.

“The way it was when she was there was, Joe would come up with whatever girls didn’t have activities. Teresa didn’t want anybody disrupting the girls’ activities just to come see her,” Leonard said. “Joe feels the same way. They want their kids to be able to have a normal schedule and feel like they’re living a normal life.”

The couple is able to “speak every day on the phone and over email.”

As for how Teresa is holding up, she’s been keeping busy with her daughters.

“Her mind is on her husband and her children and that’s all she’s concerned about,” her attorney said. “She’s looking forward to when the girls get out of school and they can visit Joe with more frequency.”

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