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A group of school children in Cincinnati watched in terror as a woman forced her way onto their school bus and attacked the bus driver, first verbally then physically.

According to WLWT5  Keisha Shannon was arrested after authorities say she assaulted an elementary school bus driver because her daughter missed the bus.

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The 28-year-old blocked the bus in with her car, pried the school bus doors open, and began yelling and cursing at the bus driver Deamber Martin for supposedly driving away while she saying goodbye to her daughter, according to police.

Shannon can be heard on the surveillance footage:

“That was just so ignorant. Did you see me coming on the bus though, right? You see me getting my baby on this bus though, right? You see me giving her a hug though, right? And if I punch you in the f****** face, you going to be sorry as hell!”

Martin told WLWT5 that she warned Shannon about being on time for the bus and that during the confrontation she feared for her life and went into defense mode.

The two women began brawling as the young students of St. Joseph Catholic School cried and yelled out for their moms.

Martin suffered a burst blood vessel in her eye, scratches and bruises on her face, and bite marks in her ear and was taken was taken to a Cincinnati, Ohio hospital. She remains on light duty since the October 18 incident.

Shannon was taken directly to jail where she sits without bond, facing misdemeanor assault charges.