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When getting their cars from point A to point B, drivers usually don’t purposefully neglect to bring their keys, considering most vehicles still need those to start. But since Ryan Negri is on the cutting edge of cool and drives a Tesla (or does the Tesla drive him?), he thought. His story is a reminder that technology doesn’t always make things easier.

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As he recounted via Instagram post, the Las Vegas investor and entrepreneur got stranded six miles away from his home near Red Rock Canyon, Nevada after only relying on Tesla’s mobile app to start his car. Negri quickly figured out he was screwed after stopping to adjust a dog seat and realizing there was no cell service to restart the car.

Stranded 6 miles from home, 2 miles from cell service; our Saturday morning. The thought was to go for a quick drive to take some photos of the freshly-fallen mountain snow. Having only my phone in my pocket, I unlocked and started the car with it, and we left. 6 miles down the road we decided to turn back, but before that, had to adjust Mozy & Millie's car bed, so I exited the vehicle…bad idea. Need to restart the car now, but, with no cell service, my phone can't connect to the car to unlock it. Even with cell service, the car would also need cell service to receive the signal to unlock. @amymnegri, the hero she is, started running to reach cell service height. After about 2 miles she reached signal and called a friend for a ride to the house to grab the key fob. The key that will always be with me (now) when I drive that car.

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Negri’s wife, Amy, had to walk two miles to get cell service before calling a friend to bring the keys to them. Definitely not the best moment for Mr. Negri, as he told Mashable.

“Forgot when you get out of the drivers seat, you have to re-initiate the sequence to unlock keyless driving. After I adjusted the dogs bed, I got back in and I had access to the cars display panel and all options besides to drive! I could even play music from my phone because my phone was synced via Bluetooth,” Negri said.

“We got out of the car and waited on the side, because it was a thin 2 lane road and it just didn’t feel safe. Something worse could have happened.”

Negri suggested that to avoid problems like this in the future, Tesla should design a password-protected method to start the car from the app even when there’s no signal.

Or maybe you could just bring your keys next time.

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