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Let’s all take a second and pay our respects to “Piotr Delgado Kusielczuk who goes by the name The Mexican Runner on Twitch,” because he’s done what I’m sure many previously thought impossible: He’s beaten all 714 original NES games. And it only took him the better part of three years! Talk about dedication, perseverance and complete nonchalance with respect to having a social life (and presumably a romantic one).

Per Mental Floss:

The journey started on Kusielczuk’s Twitch channel on May 28, 2014 and came to an end nearly three years later on February 26, 2017.

The whole thing kicked off with the 1990 game Whomp ‘Em, which Kusielczuko finished in two hours and 11 minutes, and it ended with a Super Mario Bros. 3 run that he completed in an hour and 43 minutes (Kusielczuk chose it because he says it’s the best game on the system).

In between, Kusielczuk finished each and every game to ever be released on the system, including the 679 titles released in the United States and the other 35 PAL exclusives, according to Engadget. The whole endeavor clocked in at 3435 hours, but it was helped along by the fact that Kusielczuk is a known speed-runner.

Sure, some people might say “Well, if I had 3,400 hours, I’d write a book/volunteer/learn a new language,” or some nonsense like that. Not Kusielczuko. Mr. Mexican Runner, we salute your tenacity.

(h/t BroBible)