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Now I’ve seen plenty of gross things in my life. But this very well might be the most disgusting thing yet.

What starts off looking more like a baseball buried beneath the back of this woman, eventually turns into the eruption of pimple mountain.

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They don’t waste any time getting straight to the meat and potatoes of the video. Less than 10 seconds in and let the action begin. As puss and goo shoot out like lava erupting from the top of a volcano, the doctor has to dodge the gunk spewing out. After the first round of explosions, a golf ball size mass is showed to the patient. Like no big deal, but seriously that’s a pretty big deal.

You figure by round two the intensity would have minimized. But, quite the contrary. As soon as the doc begins to squeeze it’s like Mt. St. Helens all over again.

This definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. I’d recommend watching on an empty stomach.