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Since departing from Blink 182 back in 2015, it appears former frontman Tom Delonge has gone a different route in the entertainment industry. While music is what he’s best known for, he has dabbled a little in the movie industry in the past, but apparently he’s back at it again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Delonge will direct a science fiction film titled Strange Times and his new band, Angels & Airwaves, will provide the score for the film.

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For sometime Delonge has shown an interest in the paranormal, specifically aliens and UFO’s. His fascination led many to think he was nuts or out of his mind.

But with the revelation of his new endeavor, combined with his past works, including a series of graphic novel, a website, and also a sci-fi trilogy, all part of the Strange Times franchise.

So while many people thought he had lost it, on the contrary. Apparently he was just slowly building his brand.

We have to admit, we’re actually kind of feeling this idea.