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Rumor has it we might see a new character in the Han Solo origin story, one not currently in the Star Wars cinematic or canonical universe as we know it. And it might be a sweet-ass CGI droid. And it might be a girl—well, kind of. I mean, inasmuch as droids can have a gender.

Per io9:

Variety is reporting that Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge is in early talks to join the film in a major role. However, that role won’t actually use Waller-Bridge’s physical self—it’s apparently a “CGI-driven performance,” but nonetheless a character who is a main part of the primary cast, in the vein of K-2SO in Rogue One… Variety only refers to droids, which has us thinking that Waller-Bridge’s potential role might be for a droid companion in the film.

And because Waller-Bridge is, quite obviously, a woman, there’s a very good chance this would be the first droid who’s part of the main cast of a Star Wars flick to be feminine. Think about it: R2, C3P0, even little BB-8—if you had to assign these robots a gender, you’d probably say they’re guys, right? At least, with Threepio, you’re sure he’s a “male” droid.

This could be a pretty big move in an already extremely—I mean ridiculously; look at all those different kinds of aliens!—diverse universe.

(h/t io9)