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A video titled “the best dumping video you’ve ever seen” made the rounds on Reddit this week, and according to thousands of commenters, it completely lives up to its title.

The video featured a man explaining to his friends and family why he was breaking off his recent engagement to his fiance.

According to the man, he has discovered that his fiance was cheating on him and wished to make the break up as embarrassing, painful and clean as possible.

For the first half off the video, the man walks the viewers through his carefully thought out plan.

When his girlfriend comes home, she will follow a trail of flowers and candles up to her bedroom, where a bed of glitter and rose petals awaits her.

Once in the bed,¬†she will read a series of letters that explain her boyfriend’s love for her, which will culminate in a big surprise.

The man she is cheating with is named Thomas Roo, which allows for some very easy rhyming.

“This is the big question I’m asking you,” the woman reads allowed, while wearing antlers ears for peak embarrassment.

“Who the f**k is Thomas Roo.”

With that, the man bolts out of her room, down the stairs and into his car.

“Now that is how you dump somebody mate,” the man says to the camera.

Though it’s possible the video is a short film, or a complete fabrication, anyone who has ever been cheated on will hope it is real.

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