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No wonder Donald Trump complains about the media.

Trump has brought on two valuable hands to help in the final push toward the White House. Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon has been named the campaign’s new chief executive, and his respected pollster, Kellyanne Conway, is the team’s new campaign manager.

Don’t buy into the narrative that these are last-ditch moves of desperation as the campaign steams toward inevitable defeat at the hands of Crooked Hillary Clinton. That’s the biased liberal media line.

Really, these are a pair of brillant moves.

Conway is a widely respected pollster who will help Trump hone his populist message. There’s not a thing wrong with his message now — just look at the throngs of supporters who back him by attending his speeches and sending money to his campaign (more than $91 million so far).

Bannon is a well-known combatative operative who has been a pain in the ass of the status quo — in other words, those Republicans who refuse to back Trump. Bannon is famous for taking on the power elite, and was instrumental in a campaign to defeat House Speaker Paul Ryan in his recent primary (Ryan wona). Banon seems to mirror Trump to a tee — he’s a populist known for taking on the GOP scared cows and the power elite in Washington. To say that Bannon isn’t well liked is an understatement. Terry Sullivanran Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign told the New York Times (which always seems to find those who hate Trump the most):

(Trump and Breitbart) both play to the lowest common denominator of people’s fears. It’s a match made in heaven.

He is right that it’s a perfect match because it’s one that can lead to the White House.

Hopefully, Bannon will ignore the chorus of outsiders who want Trump to act more like a politician and let Trump do what he does best — let Trump be Trump. Yes, the biased media is going to twist everything the Republican nominee says, but Americans are smart enough to  seperate bias from good, sound, honest judgment.

Something Crooked Hillary lacks.