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This Game of Thrones star is a complete badass as his character The Mountain, but he’s even more of a badass in the gym. Icelandic professional strongman Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson is no stranger to showing off his brute strength, as he posts some pretty incredible workout videos to his Instagram page.

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He’s competed in the World’s Strongest Man competition for the past six years, with three 3rd place finishes and two runner-up finishes, including last year’s competition.

Judging from his size and stature, none of this comes as a surprise. But the thing that totally threw us for a loop was his choice of workout music. The 6’9″ strongman gets it in at the gym to the sounds of Grammy Award-winning Adele.

Whatever it takes to make it happen. Then by all means, do what you do.

500kg/1103lbs frame carry

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