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These four “Price is Right” contestants all bid for an elliptical trainer, but once all the bids are in, a buzzard rings indicating that one person has the price exactly right.

For the contestant with the price exactly, they will win $500.

Naturally, host Bob Barker teases the moment.

“Now, Jose the only way you could win is to be exactly right,” Barker says to the man who bid the lowest, $999.

“I do not believe that in all of the history of ‘The Price is Right,’ that has happened. So you realize that the odds are really against you,” Barker teases.

In the 35-year run time of the show at the time, that had never happened.

But it was soon revealed that he did indeed select the exact right price.

“Jose, this is truly a historic moment on ‘The Price is Right,'” Barker exclaims.

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