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Warning: the details of this story are as disturbing as they come.

Kyle Parker, 22, of Owen County, Ind.,  is scheduled to go to trial in May, charged with eight felonies against a 14-month-old baby girl that are as sad and despicable as can be imagined.

One-year-old Shaylyn Ammerman disappeared from her crib last March, leading to a frantic FBI-assisted search that ended with the discovery of her body in the woods.

The death was initially ruled a homicide by asphyxiation.

Parker was taken into custody and has been charged with murder, rape, child molesting where defendant is at least 21 years of age, kidnapping, aggravated battery when defendant is at least 18 years old, strangulation, obstruction of justice and failure to report a dead body.

According to ABC Action News, Shaylyn was taken from her grandmother Tamera Morgan’s house, where she lived with her dad, Justin Ammerman.

Justin Ammerman confirmed that Parker was there the night Shaylyn disappeared. The next morning, Wednesday, he reported his daughter missing.

At the time, the grandmother spoke to ABC 6 and said, “We went to bed, and we woke up, and she was gone. She cannot get out of her baby bed, and she cannot get out of the house.”

“The front door was unlocked, because we just don’t ever lock the door,” she continued. “We don’t have a reason to lock the door. I’ve lived in Spencer all my life and, you know, we just don’t lock doors here.”

The details about Parker and the nature of his crimes, as reported by ABC Action News, are disturbing:

According to the charging document, police interviewed Parker’s friends, who said Kyle liked pornographic videos with sadistic and masochistic themes, and that he was attracted to girls in the 12-14 age range. When interviewed by police, Parker denied those claims.

The doctor who performed Shaylyn’s autopsy specializes in pediatric autopsies with sexual battery and molestation. She told police this was the worst case of sexual trauma she had seen in her career.

Parker has admitted to raping, killing and discarding Shaylyn’s body in a “very rural” area of the woods, according to court documents.

According to Fox 59, Parker “burned [Shaylyn’s] clothes and pacifier” and then “told his stepfather that he hoped he would create ‘reasonable doubt by using the bleach to destroy DNA and confuse the investigators by accusing a family member.’”

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