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It’s fitting that the New York pizzeria that sells ridiculously huge slices of pizza is called PizzaBarn, considering that the slices are about as big as freakin’ farm animals.

Located in Yonkers, the pizza shops will serve up, if you’re brave enough to try it, something called the Super Slice, which judging from the Instagram documentation, is a culinary freak of a nature.

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So, you’re probably asking yourself, “Self, what could this majestic place known as PizzaBarn possibly offer that is crazier than a pizza slice that is about as large as a small child?”

Well, it turns out that for a few extra bucks, you can also order a Super Slice with mac & cheese on top of it as well as one with cheeseburger and fries. Are you reading this?! Cheeseburger and fries on a pizza! This is insanity! And you know what? We’re completely down with it.

(h/t Foodbeast)

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