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Most people have no idea the totality of what their iPhones are capable of.

Unsurprisingly, there are a whole host of secret codes that activate some pretty cool features even some hardcore Apple aficionados don’t know about. Here are a few of them that Business Insider just released:

Block Caller ID. If you happen to be one of the few nut jobs out there who still make prank calls or you’d just like to hide your caller ID permanently, dial *#31# and your number will be block on every call you make. If you’d like a more temporary solution, just punch in #31# before the phone number you’re dialing and your phone number will be blocked for that call.

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See How Strong Your iPhone Signal Is. On just about every cell phone made after 2004, little bars appear the upper right right-hand corner of your phone that indicate your signal strength. This Apple code, however, gives a much more accurate reading in pretty much any location. Type in  *3001#12345#* and hit call. Then hold your phone’s power button down until the ‘slide to power off’ message pops up, and hold the ‘home’ button. Your signal should now be displayed as a number. The scale is read as anything around -40 being an excellent signal and around -140 being in the area of the poorest signal.

Automatically forward unwanted calls. Let’s face it, as cell phone technology improves, home phones are becoming obsolete. And that means if your cell phone is your primary phone, telemarketing and other unwanted calls are beginning to shown themselves as much as they did on your standard wired handset. Just dial *#21# and all those calls that you’d rather not take get sent write to your answer message. If you wanna turn this feature off and start getting calls normally again just punch in the same code.