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White, suburban stoner kids can be quite hilarious, especially when they’re fighting over a gram-and a half of weed that might or might not have been stolen. These kids have a knack for using some pretty profound language, usually confined to the inner city.

Warning: language

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One of the kids is seen being accused of stealing some pot from another, while a few more are in the background trying to figure out when it was stolen, or lost, or whatever. The alleged offender then caught a swift beatdown, even after expressing that today wasn’t a good day for him to get beat up.

We’re trying to figure out if there is ever a good day to get beat up. Like, do you ever wake up one morning and think to yourself, ‘man, I feel like today would be a great day to get my butt kicked?” Odds are, probably not.

Word to the wise, don’t grow up to be like these kids, and if you are grown up and like these kids, it’s time for some serious soul-searching.