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While high school seniors here look forward to graduation parties and prom, seniors in Norway are preparing to party like there’s no tomorrow…for three weeks straight.

According to DailyMail, graduates can get prizes for having sex in public, spend thousands on pimped-out party buses and spend three weeks getting hammered drunk, v4and all while still in school.

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They call it Russefeiring,‘Russ’ for short, the no-holds-barred, three-week celebration characterized by rowdy road trips, drunken impromptu parties on the beach and a series of bizarre challenges.

The bash traditionally starts in mid-April, during the students’ last Spring semester, and the events are often planned months in advance.

The students begin with the correct clothing attire. A Russ uniform of sorts.Decorated overalls in red, blue, black or green depending on their main area of study. Most are in red because it represents a general course of study.

They all travel around in party buses, which are often decorated and filled with booze.

The students have to complete a series of challenges for points and prizes like sleeping in trees and sleeping in your teacher’s house without them noticing or having sex in public.

The best part about the festival is that Norwegians, for the most part, tolerate the chaos as a patriotic rite of passage.

It seems Norway could teach us Americans a thing or two about how to leave school in style.