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If you haven’t heard off CrossFit by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock in the middle of nowhere. It’s one of the latest and greatest fads in fitness, one that some would even go as far as calling it a bit cultish.

What started off in one gym in California back in 2000, has grown to over 13,000 affiliated gyms worldwide. A typical Crossfit workout consists of anything from Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics to powerlifting and calisthenics.

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According to Men’s Health, a few practitioners of the workout plan have taken to social media to show exactly how bizarre some of the exercises can be. Chase Duke posted a video to Instagram of himself, Jessica San and Jessica Vetter. They kicked the video off with Duke standing atop a box with a standard 45-pound bar with a Jessica on each end.

A few of the other activities were not as successful as the opening act, such as Duke trying to bench press the gals. But, who knows? With a little practice and some more Crossfit, anything is possible. Or is it?