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This weekend all eyes will be on Houston, Texas, and not just because of the Super Bowl. Nope, it’s also the spot of Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night: Houston, and for all you UFC fans who don’t feel like tuning into the big game, we recommend checking out what UFC has to offer in the form of this epic return to the Octagon.

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For the main event, Chan Sung Jung will be taking on Dennis Bermudez in Jung’s first UFC fight since 2013, after serving mandatory military duty in his native country of South Korea. In his last fight before leaving, he lost in the fourth round to then featherweight champ Jose Aldo at UFC 163, so Jung hopes this comeback will be a redemption of sorts.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Jung, who has been called “The Korean Zombie” for his ability to withstand blows and keep on coming, discussed military service, his return to the Octagon and his thoughts on the state of the featherweight title.

Holding a professional record of 14-4, the “Korean Zombie” is looking to bounce back in his bout with Bermudez.