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What started out as a dad joke between friends ended up as a giant boar stuffed with burrito fixings. But that’s pretty much par for the course when you’re dealing with the Epic Meal Time crew.

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The Boarito, as they call it, is a full-sized boar stuffed with bacon, ground beef, steak, chicken, jalapeños, cheese and rice, which is then smoked all day and plated over a slew of mini burritos. If that doesn’t sound like just about the craziest meal of all time, then you’ve been hanging out with some pretty hardcore folks.

We’re not gonna lie, though. That thing looks pretty damn intimidating. Pretty much any meal served with the face still attached immediately has us in full fight-or-flight mode. Or eat-or-GTFO mode, to be more precise. Just because it’s dead, doesn’t mean it still can’t eat you. That’s how it works, right?

But, considering that there’s a very slim chance we’ll ever find ourselves face-to-face with the likes of a Boarito, we don’t see ourselves ever being put in such a precarious situation.

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