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She isn’t looking for love and marriage, this 82-year-old New Yorker says she is looking for a good time.

Singer/songwriter D’yan Forest told the New York Post that while many of her friends have given up on sex and are content to stay home and watch television, she’ll never stop craving intimacy.

“I’m just as vibrant—emotionally, intellectually, sexually—as I was in my 20’s and 30’s,” Forest said via the NYPost.

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Forest, who identifies as bisexual, told the Post that she isn’t interested in men her own age because they don’t think women are equals. It’s the younger men who excite her but she said those are hard to come by.

“It’s rough and I would love to have sex,” said Forest. “But I’m not giving up hope.”

The songstress, who sings about “the boys and girls on Tinder,” still gets dressed up, wearing a signature hat and make-up, and goes out to the bars, in hopes of making a connection.

“It ain’t over ’til the fat lady’s dead,” Forest said with a laugh.