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A Dallas actress is one of two people who have charged in connection with releasing her husband and his lover’s sex tape.

According to documents filed in the Harris County District Clerk’s office per ABC13, Leslie Hippensteel and Saul Eisenberg have each been  charged with unlawful disclosure of intimate visual material.

Hippensteel, according to her website, has had several roles in television and motion pictures. Her website says — as does the movie website IMBD — that she had a role in the 2012 movie, The Paperboy, that starred Hollywood heavyweights Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Scott Glenn and John Cusack. It was directed by Lee Daniels.

The 31-year-old wife reportedly discovered her husband’s sex tapes and, after confronting him, threatened to release the footage to the Christian high school where he worked, unless he gave her money, ABC13 reported. Bank records obtained by investigators indicate he gave her over $7,800.

Hippensteel reportedly also threatened to tell the boyfriend of her husband’s lover, Saul Eisenberg, who was involved in a bitter custody battle with his, alleged, cheating girlfriend.

Sometime later, someone uploaded the videos to a porn site using a fake Gmail account with Hippensteel’s husband’s name.

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It was also found that Eisenberg sent the videos to his father and stepmother. Houston TV station KPRC quoted Eisenberg as saying:

I sent it to my parents because I thought it was important they see what kind of people are raising my son.  Everything I’ve done has only been in the best interest of my son.

In addition, according to ABC 13, court documents indicated someone sent the intimate videos to Hippensteel’s husband’s employer, Houston Christian High School. The husband reportedly resigned before could be fired.

Eisenberg and Hippensteel are due back in court Feb. 2.