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Sitting back and enjoying a beer, or even a glass of wine, is something many people look forward to at the end of a long day. More often than not, people enjoy them at a bar with friends. But this amazing device might make drinking at home a bit more enticing.

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The good folks over at the SOLIDink3d Etsy shop are offering up one of the most ingenious items we’ve ever seen, and we wonder why no one thought of it sooner.

We introduce to you the “His and Hers Toilet Paper Beverage Holder.” It’s the biggest revelation in drink holders since the beer can helmet. Now, after a long day of work, you can kick back, relax and head to the reading room. Where you can enjoy your favorite beverage, and it will sit just an arms-length away.

Nothing says class like having a can of beer or glass of wine at the toilet. And for $20, you too can elevate your drinking game.