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Beer is good. Money is also good. What if there were some way to merge these two good things into one giant combination of awesomeness? Well, Danish beer company Carlsberg did just that.

As part of its “Best Job in the World” campaign, Carlsberg, for its second year now, offered willing applicants $14,000 to drink beer for four hours. And you didn’t even need any sort of professional experience whatsoever. You just had to enjoy drinking beer. A+ marketing in our book, because it damn well does sound like the best job in the world.

There was just one catch though: they were looking for contestants in Singapore ($20,000 in Singapore is worth $14,000 in the U.S.) So, yeah, not exactly a quick road trip, but still a great idea though.

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Carlsberg isn’t exactly the first or probably even 20th name that comes to mind when you think of recognizable breweries, but the beer company is hoping to change that by investing more than $18 million into its rebranding, which includes relaunching their Carlsberg Export next February and introducing new 330ml-sized and 660ml-sized bottles.

Hopefully, Carlsberg considers having another gig somewhere closer where you can get paid for drinking beer. Until they, or some other beer company, decides to get their act together, we’ll just be drinking beer on our couches for free.

(h/t Thrillist)

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