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Some of the most memorable scenes in movie history have been the product of complete on-the-spot improvisation.

“Leave the gun, take the canoli.” “Here’s Johnny!” “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”

And while it may be from a film that’s quite on the same caliber as a “Godfather” or a “Shining” or a “Jaws,” the climatic scene at the end of the cult classic 1979 film “The Warriors” might just one of the most badass moments of improv in cinematic history.

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In the scene, actor David Patrick Kelly plays gang member Luther, the primary antagonist bent on creating complete chaos and bringing down rival gang the Warriors. In an attempt to draw out the Warriors, Luther chillingly utters the lines “Warriors, come out to plaaayyyyy” out of a car window as he clinks together three glass bottles.

Kelly says that while the line was fed to him by director Walter Hill, he came up with the delivery and the idea to clink the bottles together.

“I wanted to make Luther evil,” Kelly said in a later interview, “so he was influenced by this really bad guy who I knew in downtown New York who would make fun of me and say, ‘Daaaaave. Daaaaave. Daaaaave.’ And it was the creepiest thing I ever heard.”

The moment definitely had an impact on pop culture, as you can see from all the times it’s been parodied on TV.

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