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On Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar had something to interesting to say about presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

On ISIS, she said “the thing about Trump though is that he’s the recruiter-in-chief.”

She said that Trump and ISIS were working together to kill Americans.

Behar is not the first person this week to accuse a political figure of working with ISIS, the Orlando mass shooter, or other extremists. Trump made headlines when he insinuated that President Obama had a hand in the Orlando massacre. Sen. John McCain took Trump’s sentiment a step further when he claimed that the president was “directly responsible” for the Orlando attack.

Behar had some more to say about events surrounding Orlando.

She weighed in an earlier Anderson Cooper interview where he asked the Florida Lt. Gov. Pam Bondi about her previous opposition to gay marriage. She agreed with the decision to question Bondi, stating that politicians needed to be held accountable for their “hypocrisy.”

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