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Scientists have developed an eight-inch, heat-activated metal penis to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. And it all works at the push of a button.

Sounds a little like a weapon of mass destruction. More like a weapon of mass erection.

Developed by experts at the University of Wisconsin, the remote-controlled device lengthens to eight inches within two minutes, according to the Daily Mail.

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Surgically inserted in the base of the penis, the one-inch heated metal coil can be turned on by holding a remote over the groin area, generating a metal field which triggers a current in the coil.

The coil then warms the implant, making it fully erect.

The bionic phallus is made from nitinol – also known as “memory metal,” a mixture of nickel and titanium. It can change shape when heated or cooled.

According to The Sun, the prototype device is due to be tested on animals in the next few months but could be available to men within a few years.

Watch the video above to see the basics on the way penile implants are currently done, prior to this new technology.

Although this new technology is reportedly revolutionary to the field, it is not the first bionic penis to be developed by scientists.

Mohammad Abad, 44, from Scotland, received an implant in 2012 and it was made fully functional in 2015. Dr. Dawn Harper explains how Abad’s penis works, in the video below.