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Two Pennsylvania newlyweds are facing serious allegations after cops say they made illicit animal videos.

According to The Smoking Gun, Rachael and Cory Harris were charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty and obscenity after Cory’s sister provided authorities with a camera containing videos showing the wife performing sex acts with the animal, while the husband filmed it.

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Rachael is facing additional charges for her alleged sexual activity with the pooch.

After securing a search warrant, investigators downloaded four videos from the camera that showed Rachael Harris on top the dog attempting to manipulate the dog’s penis into her vagina. She can also reportedly be seen masturbating the dog with her hand in a rapid motion back and forth and trying to let the dog perform oral sex on her.

According to the report, her husband recorded the illicit activity.

Cory’s sister reportedly identified both Cory and Rachael in the video to police.

The couple is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on January 11 to face the charges.